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Reworking interaction

By installation, interactive/generative, projection

I had the opportunity to revisit two interactive pieces I did for Courtney Egan for her upcoming show at Huntsville museum of Art in Alabama. One piece, Dreamcatchers, was done using openframeworks. Although I haven’t done in any programming in C++ in a while, It was interesting to take a look at the project again. I was able to fix some issues and increased the speed dramatically. The other piece, Metaflora, was done in Touchdesigner and used two separate computers. I was able to get it working on one computer with 2 video outs. Success all around. The show will be up until September.

Interactive app for Infocus install at ISE 2018 in Amsterdam

By interactive/generative

Andrew Wade Smith and I developed a custom interactive application for Infocus‘ presentation at ISE in Amsterdam this year. The application has four different graphic modules, particles, fluids, kaleidoscopes and media slideshow, which are all responsive or controlled by the viewer through a camera. The app has a system of presets that can automatically blend and fade between all the settings.